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School's Out for the Summer!


School's Out for the Summer!

by Alec

School is out! And so is your band or orchestra class! What are you going to do with your rental instrument? I'm writing to let you know about your options!

Of course if your student is going to continue practicing over the summer you will keep the instrument. And if you think your son/daughter won't be motivated to practice, come in and talk to us about weekly private lessons so they can keep their chops over the summer and have a head start on next year.

If your child is thinking about switching instruments next year, find out what they want to play and we can exchange most instrument rentals with no additional cost to you and you will retain any rental equity that you have accrued.

If the student is just taking a break over the summer you are welcome to return the rental instrument at any time.  Be aware, though, that our rental program is rent to own which means that the payments you have been making go into your rental account as equity that can be used to purchase that instrument when you are ready.  Once you return an instrument we will close your account which means that you will have to start over next school year.  So if you would like to keep your rental open and continue to accrue that equity into the instrument, we suggest that you keep the rental over the summer and to encourage your students to practice!