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July Sounds of Summer Sale!


July Sounds of Summer Sale!

by William

Attention all musicians!

The Sounds of Summer sales are still going! For this month, we have got sales galore on our guitars, keyboards and drums. Said instruments have been slashed down in price. Some of them even come with a free gift card! All TC Electronics Pedals and MXR Guitar FX pedals are 15% off normal pricing. We even got some guitar packs going as well! If you purchase a Fender Mini Squier electric guitar and a Fender Mustang I Amp, we will take 15% off the total! Or if you purchase a Fender Squier Custom Strat electric guitar and Mustang I amp, we will take 15% off the total!


To inquire about any more sales or set something aside, give us a call at 770-277-7300. Or you can e-mail Will, the store manager, with any mor questions at