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Store Closed Due to Weather


Store Closed Due to Weather

by Oriana

Good afternoon Music & Arts customers,

As of 11:00 am September 11th, Music & Arts found out we were going to close early, which meant lessons would be cancelled tonight . The time of the store closing was still to be determined at that time. Soon after the announcemen, we contacted our lesson teachers regarding the lessons being cancelled. From there, the teachers or myself attempted to make contact with our lesson students. If you received a voicemail, please feel free to email me at regarding any lesson questions. Officially, we closed the store today at 1:10 pm today. We will be playing it by ear regarding lessons occurring or the store reopening tomorrow. Please keep an eye out for any updates here on the blog page. 

Thank you for understanding. Please be safe out there today. 

Oriana Doemland, Store Manager