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Upgrade Your Sound


Upgrade Your Sound

by Oriana

If you're a regular at Music & Arts, you've heard about Upgrade Your Sound. But do you really know what Upgrade Your Sound means? As players, we are finding many ways to grow in our craft. We all usually start off with a student level instrument, such as the rental instruments that Music & Arts provides. We need the durability and reassurance when we first start. As time moves forward, we steadily begin to progress. We may take lessons to help fix any technique issues we may be experiencing or to find new ways to challenge ourselves. As we progress, so should our instruments. We start to play music that requires us to play louder, higher, and faster notes. Eventually, we start to plateau on our student level instruments. This is where Upgrade Your Sound comes in.

Upgrade Your Sound is the nation's largest semiannual sales event where we invite you, your student, or your kids to upgrade your instrument at prices you'll love. During Upgrade Your Sound, you'll receive amazing discounts,  special financing and exclusive  online and in-store offers that you won't believe! This event is an excellent opportunity for players who are looking for that next step in the musical journey.

Join us for the next Upgrade Your Sound event, String Showcase! This particular event is catered specifically to our orchestral string players who are looking for the instrument of their dreams. It will be hosted on Saturday April 29th from 10 am - 3 pm at our Johns Creek location. This is a by appointment only event and spots are filling quick! For more information or to reserve your spot today, either call us at 770.277.7300 or email us at