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Staying Motivated Over the Summer


Staying Motivated Over the Summer

Staying Motivated Over the Summer

With so many other activities going on over the summer it's tough to stay motivated (or keep your child motivated) to play your (their) instrument. It's crucial to continue practicing over the summer or you can forget what you've learned during the rest of the year. Use these simple tricks to help maintain your focus and keep practicing!

1. Remember why you started playing in the first place.

Do you remember why you picked up your instrument? We all have a different reason. For example, I picked up my instrument because my whole family played something. It brought me closer to them. Do you remember that excitement of playing your first note or the accomplishment you felt after completing your first song? Sometimes revisiting that inspiration can help you get through the times when it becomes hard to practice.

2. Don't compare yourself to other players.

Do you ever get discouraged when you hear someone else master a song that you just fumbled through? We all start somewhere and we are all at different levels. I'm sure that person who mastered the song had to first fumble through it. We are all excited for everyone's success. I'm equally happy for the beginner who learns Twinkle Twinkle as I am the advanced student who learns Flight of the Bumblebee.

3. Carve out the time in your schedule.

Like I mentioned, Summer gets crazy! In order to practice as much as you need to you must carve out the time to practice. Just by setting the time aside you know that you won't get distracted or make other plans. Whether that be 10 minutes 3 days a week, or an hour once a week.

4. Make practicing a game.

Sometimes you have to make a normally grueling task, lighter and more fun. First, break down your practicing into small chunks. Then reward yourself when you complete each chunk. Candy (after you finishing playing of course), Food, and other enjoyable activities all make for great rewards. Find what motivates you and reward yourself!

5. Play with someone!

Summer is the perfect time to meet up and play with other musicians. Whether it's in the basement, at the campground, or in the backyard, playing with other people is refreshing and fun. What's better than sharing something other people are also passionate about?

6. Play something fun!

Normally in the other parts of the year we focus on drills, scales, theory, and technique. Summer is the time to relax a little bit! Find something you actually enjoy listening to! Maybe Taylor Swift is your thing? Or maybe Harry Potter? We have all kinds of options in the store to check out. Pick out your favorite and start practicing!


Re-inspire yourself, don't compare, carve out the time, reward yourself, find some friends to play with, and have fun! Practicing over the summer isn't all that bad!