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School's Out Rental Questions


School's Out Rental Questions

by Arcadio

SCHOOL'S OUT!  And I know many of you have question regarding your rental so let's get started!

When Do I Need To Return The Rental?

The rental has no return deadline.  After your contract is up, you will be billed a single charge once a month for every month the instrument is in your possession.  During this time, your payments will add up in your own rental credit account at the store to eventually purchase an instrument! 

What If My Child Wants To Change Instruments?  Should I Return It?

No need to return!  We can simply exchange the instrument you are currently renting for the one they want to play next year!  This way you keep whatever rental credit in your account without losing it.  We can also set them up with transitional music lessons at Music & Arts over the summer so that they are ahead of the game next school year!

Why Should My Child Keep The Instrument Over The Summer If Band Class Is Over?

Those who stop learning their instrument over the summer lose and forget all they have practiced and then it is back to square one.  If the child is the competitive type, they might get frustrated on the first day of band to see that their peers are light years ahead of them while they were glued to the tablet or video game console over the summer.  Band directors will obviously give solos and the first chair to the more experienced player.

What Can I Do To Keep My Child Practicing Over The Summer?

Great Question!  Music & Arts offer lessons over the summer to keep the child engaged in their instrument and nurture their passion for music.  All of our instructors have college degrees in their instrument and the child can learn whatever they want!  Maybe learning Mozart in school bore them.  Well at Music & Arts they can learn everything from ‘Hotline Bling’ to ‘Cheap Thrills’!

I No Longer Wish To Rent, What Other Options Do I Have?

Anyone who rents with Music & Arts have tons of options to purchase & own an instrument!  While this greatly differs from person to person based on many factors, I highly suggest you call the store at 732-414-6250 or send an email to for specifics!

My Child Wants To Play Guitar/Piano/Drums Instead But School Does Not Offer It! :(

While the school may not offer guitar/piano/drums, Music & Arts does!  Our Lesson Studio has the top lesson instructors for guitar/piano/drums and the learning is all customizable!  While we do not rent guitar/piano/drums our rental customers get very special deals on these instruments once they return their instrument!

Hopefully I have answered any questions you may have during this time of year.  If you have any further questions please feel free to call the store at 732-414-6250 or send an email to!  Have a great summer and use plenty of sun screen! :)

~Your Friends Over At Music & Arts :)