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Our Marlton Community


Our Marlton Community

by Marissa
At the Music & Arts in Marlton, it is our aim to provide enriching opportunities for the community we serve. Our team has been following up on this expectation by setting a number of projects and events into motion. Among these projects is a free group trumpet lesson that we are working to coordinate with our very own trumpet teacher, Adam Malarich. All brass-lovers are invited to join us for this event on Friday February 24th! We are excited about this event for a couple of reasons.To elaborate, it is a wonderful musical opportunity that will yield to great educational benefits. In addition, its origin has implications for increased communication amongst our team. At music and Arts, we believe it is vital to open up a dialogue with our teachers because they add a unique dimension to our culture, and they help us to bring our educational goals into fruition.

A few other upcoming events in the works include a free clinic for new flute students on March 1st,  in-store open mic nights, and our annuel Horns of Plenty event, which is scheduled for April 8th at the West Trenton Ballroom. Here in Marlton we understand that our community is not made up of two dimensional customers to whom we must sell products and services, but rather they are individuals, and it is our duty to help them fulfill their unique musical goals.

There are a lot of exciting prospects in store for the community here at the Marlton Music and Arts, and we hope you all can join us!