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Music and Arts will be having its annual String Showcase on October 27th. The event will take place at the Oakton Music & Arts, located at 2916 Chainbridge Rd. Oakton, VA 22124.


The Music & Arts String Showcase is the largest orchestral event on the east coast. The showcase will have a wide variety of instruments available to play and purchase. Top brands will be at the event like Eastman, Strobel, Howard Core, many others.


The brands present will also have representatives at the showcase who can answer any questions one may have regarding brands, models, and general information. They will be there to provide unparalleled insight and advice on the instruments at the event.


The String Showcase event will have incredible discounts as well as manufacturer rebates on every single instrument.  AND...For the first time, Music & Arts will be offering 36 month, 0 down, 0% interest financing as part of the Upgrade Your Sound promotion!!!  18 month 0 down, 0% interest financing will also be avaiable.


Want to know more? You can RSVP for the event at or call the McLean Music & Arts at 703-356-9394. Any of our sales associates can provide additional information and confirm an appointment time for you at the event.


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