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!~ June Teacher Highlight~!


!~ June Teacher Highlight~!

by Zakaree

Welcome to the second Monthly Teacher Highlight! For this month, our highlighted teacher is Jared Barnum!


Jared Barnum graduated from VCU with a BA in Music with an emphasis on drum set and classical percussion. He has experience performing in jazz ensembles, marching band, rock, country, pop, praise, theater, and more. Professionally he has done session work for Bias Studios, Recording Arts, and performed with the Firehouse Theater and artists like Aaron Crawford and the Bad Cards, and Monako. 


Jared has been developing his teaching method for over 10 years. He will make sure you have a strong foundation in rudiments and counting, and then build rhythmic concepts from there with your drumming goals in mind. He can help you find your voice on the drums. 


To learn more about Jared Barnum or to sign up for lessons, give the Midlothian Music & Arts store a call! See you soon!