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It's Time To Find An Instrument


It's Time To Find An Instrument

by Steven

As most of you are now aware we are going back to school very shortly and some of you have already started school! This exciting time is filled with making new memories, renewing old friendships, and engaging our minds in new activities. So it comes naturally to say that the above statement applies to your music class.

Finding an instrument for the school year can be the most exhilirating part of the back to school process. Most of you will agree with me and say renting an instrument is the best option. Low down payment and trial period and exchange options for your child are ideal because let's face it: when Susie's best friend is playing Flute and she's playing Trombone...she's going to want to play Flute.

Some of you may decide buying is the best option for you. With those that want to buy you should be able to inspect your instrument before purchasing it. Have an expert there with you so you know that it's a reputable instrument. Most instruments that aren't name brand don't have a warranty or replacement parts. That's pretty scary! You wouldn't buy a car that you couldn't fix, right? Also...most instruments don't come in colorful arrays so stay away from those. Buying that really cool looking blue clarinet may be awesome and your child will be the popular one in class. But your child will eventually be held back by poor craftsmanship.

A few of you may even have YOUR instrument from when you were in band or orchestra! Dust that beauty off and your child is set! But when was the last time someone looked at it? When was the last time you played it? And when was the last time it was cleaned?! Luckily that can be taken care of but it needs to happen fast! School is here and your director wants to start playing now!

I hope you find this information useful and apply it to your school year. I'm also here to help you and can advise you in the right direction based on your circumstances.

Looking forward to hearing from you!