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    • Ekaterina
    • Senior Sales Associate - Midlothian
    • Hi guys! I'm Kate, and I joined the Music and Arts team in August of 2017. I've had my hands dipped in music since I can begin to remember. I played viola for eight years, I've been playing guitar since 2007, and I've picked up ukulele and piano along...
    • Erica
    • Senior Sales Associate - Midlothian
    • Hi! I'm Erica, and I joined the Music and Arts team in January 2019. Growing up singing in church choir, I knew that music was something I was passionate about from an early age. I attended Robious Middle School, where I learned to play violin in sixth...
    • Veronica
    • Senior Sales Associate - Midlothian
    • Hi! I'm Veronica and I have been studying music for 26 years. I've played all orchestral strings and dabbled in percussion. I attended the University of Wyoming and Boise State University for Music education, and have since performed with over a dozen...
    • Zakaree
    • Retail Manager - N - Midlothian
    • Hey guys! My name is Zak and I've been a part of the Music and Arts team at Midlothian since the summer of 2010 and became the store manager at the begining of February, 2016. I started playing music as a double bass player in my middle school orchestra...