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Lessons: The Next Step


Lessons: The Next Step

It's October, which means that summer vacations are finally spent and the back-to-school mayhem is a thing of the recent past. What's next? Well, it may be time to think about how you can concentrate you or your child's musical energy. 

We met many new musicians this year as they rented instruments for band and orchestra programs. This is a memorable experience of learning, making new friends, and taking on new and exciting artistic challenges. We at Music & Arts believe in nourishing this newfound interest, and one of the best ways to do so is to take private lessons. Nothing enhances the musical experience or jumpstarts a child's skill level quite like sitting down to learn with an experienced teacher.

Of course, musical experiences are not limited to the classroom. They are at home on that old upright piano you've been meaning to get tuned, in your grandfather's old violin case, or with that guitar you picked up all those years ago and have been looking for a reason to start strumming again. Maybe you've always loved the sound of the cello or have been itching to take a literal whack at drums. Whatever your reason for wanting to start (or re-start) playing music, you need to put aside excuses and dive in. Taking private lessons will help maintain your motivation because you are actively and continuously learning; it will give you something to practice for and prevent discouragement by learning at a reasonable pace. All the while you will be exposed to a form of expression that will surprise you during every session.

I'm not usually one to brag, but I can't help myself when it comes to the teachers here at Millburn. Honestly, I could sit and listen to them teach all day. Our teachers not only have the heart that every educator needs, but they also have so much more: enthusiasm, knowledge, skill, and a genuine interest in their students' progress. They want you to work but they want you to have fun. They want to see you succeed and they know exactly how to make that happen.

I'm proud of our teachers and I'm confident that many long musical careers will start here. We happily welcome pupils of all ages, levels, and areas of interest. Come see us or give us a call so we can help you take this next important step. You won't look back.