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Congratulations for being selected for band or orchestra!


Congratulations for being selected for band or orchestra!

by Leah

Congratulations on being selected for band or orchestra!!! Most parents want to rent immediately when their child is assigned to band, or orchestestra; we are fully stocked, and ready to assist you today. If you feel you would like to plan ahead, but do not want the instrument today, we offer fall delivery to your school, which we can simply schedule for you today, just give us a call!!!

A very important note to the beginning musician & parent:

We want the best experience for your child this coming year, so we stress the following: Please do not let your child play with or noodle around with their new instrument.  If they do this, they are engraining habits that are not being taught to them.  Whether it is holding the instrument wrong, bowing the instrument, or playing with their mouthpiece, without proper instruction, this can lead to a much harder start for them. Unless they are taking private lessons, which we strongly suggest, the instrument should not be touched before their first music lesson in school. They can, however, make themselves flashcards, and become familiar with the letters of the notes, rhythm (whole notes, half notes), and time signatures.