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Do's and Don'ts for the new Musician!


Do's and Don'ts for the new Musician!

by Leah

Since rental season is in full swing, I want to remind everyone of the do's and don'ts when it comes to their new instrument. 


If you have any questions, feel free to contact the store or email me!



  • Make sure to have your instrument before school starts.
  • Make sure you have your book before school starts.
  • Make sure you have your accessories; reeds, care kit, stand, name tag, before school starts.
  • Make flashcards for yourself to learn how to read the clef for the instrument you have chosen.
  • Sign up for lessons before school starts, to get a head start.



  • Refrain from "playing" instrument before the first lesson; the second you hold, or play your instrument, you are learning! Doing this without instruction is counter-productive, because you were not show how to do it correctly. We want a positive experience for you this year, and the best way to learn, is to wait until you are shown how to set up your instrument, and play it correctly!!!
  • Refrain from using the instrument as a toy or weapon. :D
  • Do not leave your instrument out, on your bed, laying on your desk, or chair; to avoid unnecessary damage and repairs, always put your instrument back in its case when you are taking a break, or are done practicing.
  • Do not let your friend play your instrument; for the same reason we ask you do not play your instrument before your first lesson, your friend does not know how to hold or play your instrument, and could cause damage, or hurt themselves in the process.