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Is your mouthpiece holding you back?


Is your mouthpiece holding you back?

by Leah

   Throughout my years of working with young musicians, they often do not realize that the mouthpiece is a major factor when playing.  It can add volume, make it easier to play extreme highs and lows, and help in controlling your intonation.  A good mouthpiece will help the musician excel, and develop their sound.  I have found that every musician that upgrades their mouthpiece reap the benefits immediately. 

   Woodwind players also need to be concerned with the reed which they use on their mouthpiece.  More open mouthpieces often require a softer reed, whereas a closed mouthpiece would require a harder reed.  Reeds will require their own future blog…

   Back to mouthpieces -  When thinking about upgrading, you should take the time to do the research, and ask yourself a few questions. What style are you mainly playing on this mouthpiece, classical or jazz?  Do you like a brighter sound, or darker sound? What will help you achieve this?  Classical mouthpieces are cut different than Jazz mouthpieces; classical mouthpieces are often designed closed, for better control of  both volume and intonation, whereas jazz mouthpieces are more open, with different variations in design, to accomplish different styles, and abilities. Jazz mouthpieces can be more difficult to control depending on the design, and opening. 

   Ask advice from your teachers, private teachers, fellow musicians, and of course internet reviews.  Everyone has an opinion, but I always say, until you try them, you will not know for sure if it will work for you or not. Just because it works and sounds good for one person, does not it will work for you.

  Please feel free to message me with any questions, or more specific advice for your instrument!