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Maintaining Your Instrument


Maintaining Your Instrument

by Leah

It is important to have your instrument maintained; teaching the new band or orchestra student to properly maintain their instrument in the beginning is crucial, so that when they finally own their instrument, they will have the proper techniques for caring for and maintaining their instrument.  This will both save you money in the long term, and maintain the value of the instrument.

Cleaning your instrument whenever it is used prevents short term & long term damage, whether it is wiping down your instrument, cleaning off the strings, loosening the tension on the bow, removing the reed and storing it off of the mouthpiece, and cleaning the mouthpiece, swabbing the instrument, treating the valves with oil...  All these actions will prolong the life of the accessories, and help maintain the instrument in the long term. 

On the contrary, not wiping down your strings, would shorten the life span of the strings due both to caked up rosin, and the oils in your fingers.  Not loosening your bow will dramatically shorten the life of the bow; leaving a bow tightened is like leaving your hair pulled back.  It is literally tightened, and if left tightened, the hairs will become weak and pop out quicker over time.  Maintaining reeds and cleaning your mouthpiece is both for hygiene and reed longevity.  If you leave a reed on the mouthpiece, bacteria will harvest quickly, the mouthpiece will smell, and the reed will need to be replaced sooner than if you store it properly, and alternate reeds.  Cleaning out the mouthpiece will prevent illness; bacteria grows quickly and if the child gets sick, it is even more crucial to clean out the mouthpiece and toss the reeds that were being used. Swabbing the instrument is as important as cleaning the mouthpiece; it will prevent major repairs, such as sticky pads, bacteria growth on pads, poor action in the keys, etc. With Brass instruments, it is important to both snake out and clean, and oil the moving parts.  The moving parts will cease without use, and that becomes a costly repair.

Additionally, the best way to keep your instrument in optimal shape, we recommend your instrument should be brought in to be checked by a technician twice a year.  Just like your cars, instruments need to be maintained by a professional for proper functionality.  We have those customers who put it off, and do not maintain their instrument, which in turn, will only cost you more in the long run.  We have a technician in store who can fix just about anything. 

We offer maintenance with our rental instruments (LDW), and we also off a maintenance program (IMA) for privately owned instruments; please inquire with a sales associate for further details!