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Maintaining your instrument


Maintaining your instrument

by Leah

I hope 2019 is treating everyone well.

We have been reaching out to our rental customers reminding them to come in for routine maintenance, but I felt a blog for all customers would be appropriate as well.

Maintaining your instruments is like maintaining your car; you regularly change your oil, rotate your tires and they check for any other issues.  The same will happen when you bring in your horn.  Our technician is able to drop a light down your horn, and fine tune & adjust things you may not be able to see, and/or realize is even off.  If a cleaning is needed, he has a super-sonic cleaner that will get built up dirt and grime out of your instrument, so it is performing at its best, and looking at its best.

The winter weather is particularly harsh on all instruments, and we have seen an increase in foot traffic due to maintenance needs. Wood instruments are the most sensitive to weather change, but other brass and woodwind instruments are also more sensitive in the colder weather.  To speak to our technician Jim Coleman directly with any questions, or to schedule an appointment, please feel free to call his shop at: 845-395-9070 .