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Why all new musicians NEED a music stand


Why all new musicians NEED a music stand

by Leah

If you are new to the music world, it may seem a bit overwhelming. There’s do’s and don’ts when it comes to your child’s instruments. There’s a wide variety of accessories you can purchase, which makes things even more overwhelming.  We take pride in providing you with the best customer service experience and will provide you with the essentials to get your child off on the right start on their musical journey.

In this blog I wanted to briefly go into the importance of a music stand for practicing at home.  My parents, like many others, opted out of the initial purchase of a music stand.  Like many children, the first year was challenging.  The added fidgeting of trying to prop up the book, made it even more challenging. Skip ahead, and as time went on, I stopped propping it and just read it flat on the table.

As a result I strained my neck, and caused severe damage; by not having the book eye level, it caused improper posture which resulted in straining my neck and lower back, and over time caused herniated discs.  My parents saved $25 in the beginning, which has cost me thousands in medical bills years later. For this reason, I stress the necessity of a music stand as a must have to all beginning musicians.  It is for their benefit in the long run to promote proper posture while playing their instrument.