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    • Colleen
    • Senior Sales Associate - Monroe
    • Hi! I'm Colleen. I have lived in Orange County all of my life and attended Orange County Community College with a major in the Arts. Even though I do not play an instrument, I have tons of appreciation and knowledge of music history and gear. Other than...
    • Danny
    • Senior Sales Associate - Monroe
    • Hello! I'm Danny. I have been playing guitar since the age of 7, and singing for my whole life as well. I also have a few years of recording/mixing/mastering under my belt. I am a fan of all types of music, but my heart belongs to a lot of music in the...
    • Evan
    • Senior Sales Associate - Monroe
    • Hi! I'm Evan. I have been studying jazz guitar ever since I was 6 years old. I have years of recording and touring experience with my progressive metal band, Fragments in Motion, and my metalcore band, Across the White Water Tower. I'm also a touring...
    • Leah
    • Retail Manager - N - Monroe
      Areas of Instruction: Music Theory, Jazz Improvisation, Saxophone
    • Music is my passion, whether it is listening, playing, teaching or selling. With over 15 years in retail experience, and over 10 years experience playing locally as a professional musician, I am happy to join the Music and Arts...
    • Zeb
    • Senior Sales Associate - Monroe
    • Hello! My name is Zeb. I am a gigging bassist, and I also teach guitar, bass and ukulele. Besides playing and teaching music, I also have a couple decades worth of music retail experience. When I'm not gigging, teaching or selling musical equipment, I...