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What do I do with my instrument this summer???


What do I do with my instrument this summer???

by Ryan

Hey Everyone,

As summer 2017 is rapidly approaching, I thought this would be a good time to talk about what you can do with your instrument while school is out. A lot of our renters are under the impression that their rentals are tied to the school year. While we can certainly take your instrument back, I'd highly encourage you to keep that instrument with you, and KEEP PRACTICING! During the summer a lot of the skills you've picked up on your instrument in the last year will start to fade unless you pull out that violin every once and a while and play. This is also a great time to play music that is fun for you. Maybe you could try out some new styles, grab a new play-along book to try, or just make something up! Improvisation is my favorite part of playing music, and letting those creative juices flow through your instrument makes playing fun and keeps those skills sharp.

On top of that, there are always community groups to join, summer music camps to take part in, and dare i say it... BANDS TO START!!! Get together with some friends from the band program and jam. You could play duets, trios, full band arrangements, or just make something up. We have tons of music here at the Newton Music and Arts from old classics to brand new pop tunes. There are plenty of ways to have fun with your instrument over the summer. Remember, band isn't just another class that ends when school is out!