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Passion For Knowledge, Passion for Music


Passion For Knowledge, Passion for Music

by Olivia

As we grow in to ourselves, we take our experiences and let them form us in to who we are today.

Children are full of curiosity. They look at the world and everything in it as brand new. They see knowledge as a puzzle piece to add to the bigger picture. One thing that propelled me forward as a child was music, for the better parts of life and the harder ones. Music doesnt have an age limit. Anyone can learn, anyone can play. Here at Music and Arts lessons are the passion behind this company. Music is important, not only as a way of relief and recreation, but as a way of growing. Some people have music hardwired in to them naturally. Ever since I was a child I loved to sing, and I was good at it. However, a lot of people that come to us have never touched an instrument before that very moment, and the feeling you get when you can play your first note brings a deep sense of satisfaction to your heart. It has been a way of expression for centuries, and has brought people together in times of strife, as well as times of celebration. I hope as the years pass, I will continue to see our students excell and grow at this store, adults and children alike.

Our job at this company is to provide the bridge to music and all of it's benefits. Our teachers are wonderfully kind, and incredibly skilled at what they do. They don't teach any certain core curriculum, so all of the lessons are customizable to the player. Come visit us and ask about our lesson program here! We have all the tools you need to be sucessful! Music is a beautiful gift to have, and I hope it continues to shape this world. Never stop learning, and always be passionate about what you love.