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Spring Cleaning!


Spring Cleaning!

by Joanna

Spring has officially begun, and that means it's time for some spring cleaning. I don't just mean at our homes, I mean at the store too!

Right now, we're offering 15% off repairs. So if you're band or orchestra instrument needs some TLC, stop on by the store and we'll make sure it gets back to 100%

Don't know if you're instrument is the right fit for you anymore? Maybe you've grown to the next level, and you need an instrument that will help you hit those low and high notes, get that right volume, and just help you as a player. That's fine too! Starting this month, we're renting step-up instruments. That means you have the chance to play on a next level instrument without breaking the bank.

Call me at the store and we'll find the right instrument or cleaning package for you!