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Band Extravaganza!


Band Extravaganza!

by Whitney

I am super stoked to say we are ready for Horns Of Plenty! The team here has been working very hard to let everyone know about this amazing event. This will be the first time and hopefully not the last time we will have this many instruments under our roof. This special event is a great opportunity for anyone who is progressing with their instrument to further their musical skills. We will have professionals demoing and providing knowledge about each instrument. So not only is this event for intermediate level players but also a great way to introduce music to beginners.

As we continue to talk to everyone about this event, the show starts on April 26th from 12pm-4pm. Everyone is invited to come check out what music is all about.



Music & Arts - Upgrade Your Sound - Horns-a-Plenty Promo from Edwin Koester on Vimeo.