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Don't Let Your Kid Loose Their Chops!


Don't Let Your Kid Loose Their Chops!

by Whitney

Hello Parents!

Its really important to keep on playing that instrument during the summer. I also know it is really difficult to get your kid to do anything during the summer but I have seen these ideas work wonders. I have compiled some lovely ideas and things to do during the summer months.

Ideas to keep your kid involved in music!

*Fun Book! Fun books are way more fun than the lesson book they use in class. I know from personal experience that I loved playing out of a fun book and I probably practiced more because it was music I was familiar with.

*Lessons! This is a great option for your kid to have a challenge. I know in school, music class goes a little slow their first couple years and can become a little boring. Lessons from one of our wonderful teachers will give your kid the challenge and success during the summer. Check out our teachers HERE!

*Events! Show off those skills! Your kids work hard over the year and it is always fun to show off to audience. We have many opportunities during the year for everyone to participate. Check out our events page HERE!