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Instrument Care


Instrument Care

Hello fellow musicians! 

How often do you maintain your instruments? How often to you replace your tools for maintenance? Do you know how often you should do these things? The answer may surprise you!

The tools to clean and maintain your instrument should be replaced more often than you replace your toothbrush! This is especially true for wind players. Your instrument is only as clean as the tools that you use to clean it.

Maintenance is essential to the playability of your instrument. For example, as a guitar player, I have to keep a thing called “finger munch” off of my axes. “Finger munch” is caused from unchecked dirt and dead skin cells building up along the fretboard. As gross as that sounds, it can be easily avoided. Build-up deteriorates the strings, frets, and the fretboard wood. I regularly clean these components with the proper tools and I haven’t ever had a problem with “finger munch”! Other instruments of all sorts need frequent maintenance of their own to survive the wear and tear of playing.

It is vital to clean your instrument, not only to keep it looking and sounding nice, but for health reasons as well. Regular cleaning minimizes bacterial exposure over time. Bacteria can cause sicknesses and different cultures can accumulate on or in the instrument, which is never good. We carry specialized instrument care kits for a large variety of instruments. These kits are all-in-one and they come with care instructions so that you are using the contents of the kit properly. 

Need a tune-up? Our incredible repair technicians (band and orchestral instruments only) can get your instrument up to par to top-tier playing standards. If you aren’t renting with us, our technicians offer free estimates on their instrument maintenance services. We also offer annual and biennial Instrument Maintenance repair plans to make sure that you are well taken care of. 

Summer is the perfect time to get a new care kit or stop by for maintenance! Come on in and let our friendly staff help you find the proper tools to help you be the best musician that you can!

See you around,