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Music Makes Us Smarter


Music Makes Us Smarter

by Whitney

How many times have you heard that music can give students a boost in math, language or reading? I bet you have heard this a number of times. It has even proven to stimulate older brains too. The way to think about it is that your brain is a muscle. If you do not work out your muscles they get weaker and it becomes harder to gain it back the longer you wait. The brain needs to be challenged and learning music is one of the best ways to achieve this. Beyond challenging the brain there happens to be many aspects that are enhanced by learning to play an instrument.

Playing an Instrument Can Make You Happy and....Smarter

Music can make us happy, help us to enjoy movement and dance, it invigorates, is a reminder of special memories and helps us to stay relaxed and focused. Music is a powerful tool for personal expression as well as for setting a backdrop for important events. In the past, singing and playing instruments were integral to family life. According to a study published by the American Psychological Association, playing an instrument keeps the mind sharper. Research has also shown that all kinds of intelligence can be improved by music instruction, and that just listening to music brings about the same benefits as does music-making.

Music requires not only creativity and a certain level of maturity; but it also involves working with mathematics skills. Music requires counting beats and measures, along with sub-dividing those beats. Within the ability to sub-divide beats, musicians also gain the skill to work with them as if they are fractions. A musician must multitask between reading and playing the music with looking at the conductor. It is all a complex process that stimulates different parts of the brain simultaneously. The ability to master these skills provides children with the opportunity to reach their full mental potential.

Playing a musical instrument or developing an appreciation of music has many benefits and can bring joy to you and to everyone around you.

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