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Open House Weekend Reminder


Open House Weekend Reminder

Hello Fellow Tucsonians, 

This is a reminder that our Open House Weekend is coming up next week! That weekend will be kicked off by an Open Mic night Friday July 14 6-8p.m. It's a great oppurtunity to get out there and practice performing in front of people. If you aren't a musician, it's a still a great time listening to members of our local music community. Our students from the lesson studio and even some of the staff members will be performing.

On Saturday July 15th, we will have a free Pointers-4-Players Guitar Class at 1pm for those looking to pick up the instrument. This class will be taught by Stuart Oliver (check his web page out here: He will go over some basics of the instrument to help get you started. For those interested in lessons, new students will be given a $30 free gift card upon signing up for lessons to use here at the store. This offer only lasts until Sunday July 16.

If you have any questions or want to rsvp for the events, please don't hesitate to give us a call here at the store! We look forward to seeing everyone there!