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Open Mic Night


Open Mic Night

Interested in refining your live performance? How about seeing local artists show off their talent? If your answer is "YES" to either of these, then Open Mic Night is for you!
Open Mic Nights are always exciting, as each one is different from the last. Even some of the store employees partake once in a while. It's an excellent opportunity to play live in a comfortable and safe environment. New players can get used to performing in front of a live audience and at times try out original material for fresh ears.
If simply enjoying live music is more of your style, Open Mic Night caters to you too. We have a variety of local artists that span many different genres and backgrounds that perform at this monthly event. Some audience members in the past have even taken up an instrument after these events due to a new-found inspiration. 
Come by and enjoy some awesome music! See you there!