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Teacher Spotlight


Teacher Spotlight

by Whitney

As most performers love to talk about their music and there talents, teachers are the exact opposite. They train for years to be the one behind the scenes showing off thier students. Sometimes we forget the value the teachers here at Music and Arts give to each and every student. I have personally seen many kids start here, outgrow my height and then go on to pursue music in college or travel the world performing.

We really appreciate our teachers for all they do. For all they help us out with and participate in. The progress their students make is why they are here and why we support local music giving every opportunity to young musicians.

Please check out our teachers HERE and if you know someone who is looking for an amazing teacher let them know about Music and Arts. Most of our teachers are participating in a free lesson to allow those who are curious about music to see what it is all about.

To inquire about lessons, we will personally call you and let you know all about our teachers one on one,

check it out here!

If you want to show off those skills or have a child who wants to come play check out our Calendar of Events.


We really hope to see you in our store! Thanks for reading!