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Upgrade Your Sound 2018!


Upgrade Your Sound 2018!

by Sarah

Are you or a Mozart in the making ready to make the leap from a beginner instrument to something of greater quality?

Student level instruments offer new students smooth introductions into the experience of making music; as students strive to develop stronger technique, a beginner level instrument may start to hinder that progress. Typically, a step-up instrument is crafted from better-quality materials, features improved action from finer construction and is designed for consistency across practice and performance. These elements help to improve sound, technique and build a student’s confidence which will help drive long-term success. The Upgrade Your Sound Event is the perfect time to upgrade to an Intermediate or Professional instrument. Join us on April 14th from 10-3pm for our largest Band and Orchestra Instrument Event!! We will have plenty of well-known instrument brands and fantastic pricing!


To schedule your appointment, call our North Tucson store at 520-579-2299, or RSVP online!