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What Sticks Should I Get?


What Sticks Should I Get?

by Michael

That is a fantastic question! There are so many choose from with different lengths and tips and everything! As an owner of many many many sticks and knowing which ones to choose with which pieces, I will help you out with this very question.

For drumsticks, there is a numbering and lettering system that goes along with each and every one of them. Some of these are 5A, 2B, 7A, and so on. But what do these numbers and letters mean? The number stands for the thickness of the sticks. The larger the number the thinner it is going to be. For example, 7A's are going to be much thinner than 2B's. The letters correspond to where you should use these sticks.

  • "S" model sticks are designed for Street playing such as Drum Corps or marching band.
  • "A" model sticks stand for Orchestra. They were originally designed to play in big bands or dance type orchestras, so the stick need to be light and softer than others.
  • "B" model sticks stand for Band. Performance opportunities include concert band or symphonic band. With a slightly smaller body than the S model sticks, these can still give a good "punch" to the drum.

There are also different types of tips to the drumstick. Most commonly you will either nylon or wood tip. In my experience, the wood tip gives the drum a more natural tone than the nylon tip. The nylon is great for playing drum set because the cymbals being played are metal and the nylon can take a lot of the force back while the wood tip takes a whole bunch more damage. 

Any other questions about sticks or percussion please email or visit me at the store and I would be happy to clarify some more.