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What to look for when buying your first electric guitar


What to look for when buying your first electric guitar

by Michael

There are so many different ways to look at this question...

What body should I get?

What wood is it made of??

What genre of music do I want to play???

All of these questions are important when you are choosing your first axe. We would say that the most important aspect of the body is the shape and comfortability. There's the stratocaster body thats the most common and typically the lightest of guitars. The Telecaster body is slightly different than the strat, where it has a less contoured body. With this, the strat and tele bodies are similar in weight. The Les Paul body is most commonly seen with players like Slash, Zakk Wylde, etc... These bodies tend to be much heavier than the rest. But don't let that stop you from playing these gorgeous guitars, because these puppies can sustain beyond belief.

The woos that the guitars are made of can vary and affect the sound you want to produce. Alder, Mahogany, and Maple wood are going to be the most common materials for electric guitar bodies. Alder is going to make the sound much brighter and can bring out the nice mid-range of sound. Mahogany has a warmer and richer sound than most guitars. If you really want to show off and play those high overtones, then Maple is going to be you!

Now for genres of music. Telecasters and stratocasters are most commonly played in country, blues, and standard rock variations. These guitars tend to have a less aggresive tone to them, and thats why they sound much better in these types of genres. Les Pual is best suited for people who want to play hard rock, metal, and other styles that require a more prominent guitar tone.

If you need any more assistance, stop by our store and any of the employees can help pick out the right guitar for you!