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    • Byron
    • Retail Sales Associate - Oakton
    • Hi there! My name is Byron, and I'm currently at the Oakton Music & Arts. I am also the Brass Specialist of this location. I have been playing trombone for the past 10 years. I have a Bacholar of the Arts degree from Virginia Commonwealth University...
    • Jacob Wigfield-Gorka
    • Senior Sales Associate - Oakton
    • Hey everybody! I'm the resident woodwind expert so direct any questions my way. I studied jazz saxophone at Radford University and play and have been recorded professionally. Aside from my saxophone experience I also play almost all woodwind instruments...
    • Jesse
    • Retail Manager - N - Oakton
    • Music, music, music. In my head. All the time. Who knows how many roommates and friends I've driven crazy with my incessant humming, banging, and dancing. It takes all the self-control I have to not sit down at every piano I see and play. It doesn't even...
    • Kody
    • Senior Sales Associate - Oakton
      Areas of Instruction: Bass Guitar, Clarinet, Guitar
    • My name is Kody, and I started working at the Music & Arts Burke location in August, 2017. My musical career started when I was very young with my first instrument being the bass guitar. As I grew older, I started learning how to play many more instruments...
    • Shawn Nguyen
    • Senior Sales Associate - Oakton
    • Hello! My name is Shawn Nguyen, and I am currently a Retail Sales Associate at Music&Arts's Oakton Store. I have been playing the clarinet since I was ten. I continue to play and study the instrument at Northern Virginia Community Colleges. Along...