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Sax Spotlight: Yamaha Tenor Sax 475


Sax Spotlight: Yamaha Tenor Sax 475


Musicians of Orlando! Hello!  


Its that time of year again, when many of us make a major transition in our musical lives. We've made many new musicians these few weeks in the store, and watched many of you graduate out of your beginner stages, and we couldn't be more proud! But, as we grow in our musicianship, we must remember that our best sound comes from our gear, and that's going to be very important in your next few years. 


Parents, you tune in too, because we've got some special information for you!


We at Music and Arts are always keeping our eye on the most special of instruments to help our amazing musicians keep getting better. We like to put a few instruments on spotlight that we think are just a little EXTRA special for you, the rising musicians, to REALLY check out. 


This week's spotlight is on the Yamaha YTS-475, an amazing instrument that's been through our stores regularly through the past few years. As any musician knows, Yamaha cransk out some of the best in instruments, hands down. The YTS-475 is no exception. In fact,  yellow-brass neck and body, drawn toneholes, front F and high F# key, tilting-style low Bb spatula key, adjustable thumb rest, and silicon-treated leather pads are just a few reasons why we know rising saxophone players will LOVE this sax! But, act fast - Yamaha recently upgraded this line of saxophone, so the 475 is running out quick! And at a MAJOR price cut (Parents, its nearly HALF off clearance!), these things are FLYING off our shelves!


Hurry in today and get your pick of the last YTS 475s today!