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Set-ups: Gettin your gear to work for you


Set-ups: Gettin your gear to work for you


Okay, so you’ve got your gear all picked up and you’ve been practicing your chords and a few of your favorite rock songs, and now you wanna go learn a set with your guitar buddies from school or down the neighborhood.  You know gotta tune up before you play, but even though you’ve tuned the guitar a hundred times now, something still sounds off…




            A set-up isn’t something most practicing guitarists think  about when they’re practicing solo, but boy does it get important quick when you’re trying to blend with other instruments.


So, you may be asking right now, what is a “Set-Up?” Well, let me share that with you real quick. A set-up is a complete tuning of your instrument, tweaking all its pieces and parts, and making sure not just the strings are in tune, but that every note down the fret board is too. Sounds complicated, right?


Our buddies over at Musicians Friend recently posted a great article going over the whole process so you can get an idea what we’re talking about. You can find the article here.


And remember, you can always come see me and the guys for set-ups, string changes and advice on any guitars, violins, cellos, you name it! We’re always here to help.


Ben Quiles




About the Author


Ben Quiles is an aspiring Live Show technician and blogger currently residing in Orlando. Ben has spent fourteen dedicated years of his life studying performance trumpet and live show audio-visual techniques. His hobbies include helping others become as successful as their potential, and learning new things and trends in the industry. He’s a huge gearhead, and excited to be the leading member of the Music and Arts blog team.