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Welcome to the New Music and Arts Webpage (and Blog!)


Welcome to the New Music and Arts Webpage (and Blog!)

Hello, fellow musicians and families! Its your favorite one-stop music shop, excited to provide you with any musical service you could need! In an effort to keep serving you however possible, we have a GREAT new tool to share with you! Introducing the all-new Music and Arts Webpage, with all kinds of awesome little features to help keep you in the loop while aiding in making you the best musician you can be!




Our homepage now allows you to get to know the store a lot, before coming for a visit. We have a nice panoramic view so you can take a peek inside and know what you’re walking into! Also, we feature right on that page a calendar of events on our side-banner so you always know what cool things are going on in the store!


Meet our Experts


Need to know a thing about guitars but don’t know who to ask? Are you confused about the differences in mouthpieces but don’t know who to turn to? No problem! Right on the head of our page, we share with you our amazing cast-list of musical experts who specialize in their own fields, from strings to percussion, classical to jazz and rock ‘n roll! Right there, you can get to see a little blurb about us too and get to know what we’re like so you can get comfortable with us before you come and introduce ourselves! We’re all pretty great guys (at least we think so!), and we’re always looking to meet new musicians!




Finally, a way to scope through teachers to help you hand-pick what lessons are right for you! Our all-new Teacher Bio page puts the picking in your hands for you to do the research and decide what teacher is going to be best for you. We have everything! From Trombones to Saxophones, drums and pianos, there’s someone for everyone at Music and Arts! Oh, and did I mention, you can check out all their amazing credentials right there in their page as well, so you know you’re getting the best education money can buy!




Well, we couldn’t let our store staff steal all the spotlight! You can feel free to take a second and get to know our tech staff, the geniuses behind the operating table in making sure your instruments are always playing at their best! Jon and Rick are more than happy to share with you a little about them while you’re looking for the right place to get your keys tweaked and your instruments cleaned. There’s nearly nothing they can’t do!






Most importantly, you can now keep up with us while learnin’ a thing or two, thanks to, the new and improved Music and Arts Blog! I know many of you out there are new to this whole music experience, and it can really take time to get used to, so I’m happy to announce I’ll be here to have your back, musicians and parents alike. Come back any time for the most current events and advice from a team of people that have lived through what you’re going through now, and hopefully we’ll help your students learn a bit about your music, while giving you parents the guidance you need on this long, strange trip you’re taking into musicianship.


And remember, you can always keep in contact and ask us questions in real-time! I’ll always be looking for your feedback to address the most pressing questions on your plate every week. Please, feel free to ask us anything! And help us help you!


Welcome to the New Music and Arts!


Ben Quiles





About the Author


Ben Quiles is an aspiring Live Show technician and blogger currently residing in Orlando. Ben has spent fourteen dedicated years of his life studying performance trumpet and live show audio-visual techniques. His hobbies include helping others become as successful as their potential, and learning new things and trends in the industry. He’s a huge gearhead, and excited to be the leading member of the Music and Arts blog team.