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What is playing in tune and on time?


What is playing in tune and on time?

by Shane

Congratulations!!!  You have made the leap to begin a musical journey!  There are 2 very critical aspects about playing an instrument that MUST be followed.  You have to be in tune, and you have to play in time.  What does an out of tune and out of time sound like?  I would like to use the example of strangers in a crowded room.  Have you ever stood in a room full of people and just listened?  When you look around you can see their mouths moving, but you can’t quite hear what they are saying.  That’s because they are all talking in different pitches and out of sync.  Now let’s use the same example with a vocal group or a choir.  Same number of people, but they are singing in pitches relative to each other to make a harmony, as well as singing in time to produce a large cohesive sound.


See, when you don't tune your instrument, or you don’t work to play your instrument in tune, nobody can hear what you are really trying to play.  Even if your fingers are moving in the correct arrangement and timing.  The same goes for when you are playing out of time.  If you are in a school band or any other group of musicians, playing in time is essential to hearing all of the beautiful parts of a piece of music.  When you don’t play in time, it clashes with everyone else in the group.  Again, this would lead to not being able to hear the piece of music correctly.

So as you are picking up your instrument from Music & Arts, make sure to grab a tuner and a metronome.  Practicing with these tools will help you to sound great with the rest of the group and by yourself.  There are many selections available, let us help you pick the best ones to help you sound amazing.

Come see me today at the Orlando-Millenia location for your tuner and metronome!

Shane Bryant

4676 Millenia Plaza Way 

Orlando,FL 32839