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Back to School!!


Back to School!!

by John

It's the beginning of August. The weather is great for outdoor sports. Summer movie hits have come out. Vacations are ending and everybody is coming back in town. What is the last thing on your mind? Back to school.

Are you ready for it? Most major retailers are ready. In case you haven't noticed the ads for all the department stores, office supply chains, and grocery stores, everybody is having a sale!

What is on your school supply list? Pencils? Check. Erasers? Check. New sneakers? Check. New school uniforms? Check. The latest, and hottest, Spider-man back pack? Check.

Have your kids done all of their summer reading yet? Have they studied their math and vocabulary at all this summer? Maybe, maybe not. All we can hope for is that they did, and if not, we force them to do it all, right?

Time to put away the video games and hand them that one book they were supposed to read and do an essay on.

For most schools in Maryland, school starts in less than a month. Are you ready?

Imagine, the first day of school rolls around and you take your child to school, to the bus stop, or where ever they need to be. Everything is awesome. Fast-forward a couple of weeks, and all of a sudden, your child brings home a piece of paper that says "Unless your child brings their music instrument and book to school by this day, they will not be participating in band/orchestra class this year."

OH NO! All this time, and we forgot one simple thing!! We all rush out to our local music shop, not because of the unbeatable price, or the great customer service, heck, not even because we know it exists! We rush out their because it's the closest one to us and the person on the other end of the phone tells us they have plenty in stock. Now we wait in line like everybody else, and thankfully, we get our instruments.

Here's a gameplan to prevent that from happening.

1. Did you receive a piece of paper telling you what instrument the teacher and student selected together? If so, why wait to rent until school has already started? Give us a call, or stop in, today to get set up with your own instrument!
2. You did not receive that paper, or somebody forgot to give it to you? Teachers are back in school the week before students start! Do not be afraid to call the school and talk to the teacher to see if they have your kid signed up for the class. If so, they'll have a list of what instruments they are going to play.
3. Does your school have a back to school night? Make sure to attend it, and talk up a storm with your teachers! The best part of it all is that you'll even get your supply list!
4. Stop by the store at any time and check out the instruments we have in the store. We have all of the supply lists here in the store too. We'll make sure you get everything you need to be successful with the instrument this school year.

Are you ready to go back to school?

As always, if you have any questions, give us a call at (301)686-0406 or stop by any time!

Some of the local schools we service:

Accokeek Academy, Allenwood Elementary, Apple Grove Elementary, Avalon Elementary, Barack Obama Elementary, Barnaby Manor Elementary, Benjamin Foulois Performing Arts, Benjamin Stoddert Middle, Bradbury Heights Elementary, Capitol Heights Elementary, Carmody Hills Elementary, Clinton Grove Elementary, Concord Elementary, Drew Freeman Middle, Flintstone Elementary, Forest Heights Elementary, Fort Foote Elementary, Fort Washington Forest Elementary, Francis Scott Key Elementary, Francis T Evans Elementary, Glassmanor Elementary, Grace Brethren Christian, Hillcrest Heights, Imagine Foundations, Imagine Lincoln, Indian Queen Elementary, Issac Gourdine Middle, John Hanson French Immersion, John Hanson Montessori, Melwood Elementary, North Forestville Elementary, Overlook Elementary, Oxon Hill Elementary, Oxon Hill Middle, Oxon Hill High, Panorama Elementary, Potomac Landing Elementary, Princeton Elementary, Rose Valley Elementary, Samuel Chase Elementary, Skyline Elementary, Suitland Elementary, Tayac Elementary, Valley View Elementary, Waldon Woods Elementary, William Beanes Elementary.