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Parent Corner: What to do with your child's rental over the summer?


Parent Corner: What to do with your child's rental over the summer?

Each week we will answer some of our most common parent questions. It's getting close to the end of the school year and the most frequent question we get asked is "What do we do with the instrument over the summer?"


The first thing you should do is figure out if your child is going to be playing next year. You definitley want to do this BEFORE school lets out, this way you have a chance to talk to the teacher and in some cases see if it will be on their school schedule for next year.


If they are going to continue: You definietely want to keep the instrument over the summer. Keep in mind your rental is 100% rent to own (Yay!) so you will normally accrue about $200+ in rental credit by this time. Once you return it you forfit that rental credit, and will have to start over next year if you rent.


The most important reason you should not return your instrument if your child is going to play next year: Practice, Practice, Practice!


If your child is not playing next year: Feel free to bring your instrument back ...You can return it at anytime. Also some parents will just see if a younger sibling is going to play the next school year.


Other Options:

Does your child want to play another instrument? No worries! That's one of the advantages of renting, children do have a tendency to change their mind, bring it in and we can discuess exchanges.


Your child shows a true interest in the instrument? This is the perfect time to purchase, rentals are great when you are just getting started but it will always be more cost effective to purchase if your child emerging musician will countinue.


Hope this article was helpful. You can always give us a call at the store and we can go over your options.