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Back to School & Lesson offers!


Back to School & Lesson offers!

by Zach
Hello Ridgewood Music & Arts friends!   We are in full back to school mode, filling out rental orders and getting them to new students! This is an exciting time of year, with kids of all ages taking their first steps of their musical journeys! Here are some tips to help you get through back to school time, and help your children succeed: 1. ALL RENTALS ARE BEING FILLED OUT ONLINE THIS... View More


by Zach
Hello Ridgewood & surrounding area friends!   Well, we've been back for about 2 months now, and we have seen a lot of you for rental returns. With the way the world is at the moment, none of us truly know what is going to happen next in terms of schools reopening, or if band is going to happen this fall.   Music & Arts has prepared itself to be there for you through this pandemic and... View More

Rental Renewals & Returns!

by Zach
Hello everybody!   I hope everyone has been staying safe and healthy during these crazy times. It is that time of year again, where school is ending and parents are wondering "What's next?" for your child in terms of music, and in terms of renting an instrument from us. Music & Arts is here to help you answer all of your questions!   IF:   Your child has been playing for one or... View More

Instrument Rentals: What's the next step?

We have come to that time of year where parents have to decide what to do with their rental instruments. Summer is coming up fast, and with school out you do have a few options. 1.) Keep the rental - As per your contract, the rentals are designed to move into monthly payments automatically at the end of the trial period. This will allow a portion of your payments to be put on the side towards the... View More

Online Lessons available now!

With the uncertainty lately from the COVID-19 virus, it is hard to say when the store we reopen at this time. That does not mean we are unable to help all students and musicians! Since the news first broke out, we have been working tirelessly in order to roll out our online lessons for those looking to elevate their play while being separated from their bands. Whether you are looking to continue you progress,... View More