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Instrument Rentals: What's the next step?


Instrument Rentals: What's the next step?

We have come to that time of year where parents have to decide what to do with their rental instruments. Summer is coming up fast, and with school out you do have a few options.

1.) Keep the rental - As per your contract, the rentals are designed to move into monthly payments automatically at the end of the trial period. This will allow a portion of your payments to be put on the side towards the purchase of a rentable student level instrument in the future. Please see an associate for more details into this option for all terms and conditions.

2.) Return the instrument - While we hate to see you go, a lot of players take a break over the summer months. This will set them back if they continue in September, so we recommend continuing on with lessons during this time. If you would still like to stop the rental, please contact customer service to put a hold on your account until a store reopens. Once you turn in your instrument, your accounts will be officially closed out. Please return to this page to see any store opening updates.

3.) Make a purchase - Looking to reward your musician with a horn of their very own? We can help! Reach out to an associate to ask about turning in the rental towards a purchase. We will discuss the player's goals and suggest an instrument to help them progress on their musical journey. 

As we start reopening and moving forward, we will be able to serve your musical needs again. If you have any additional questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out!

Customer Service: 1-888-731-5396