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Band Camp Prep


Band Camp Prep

by Shaun

It looks like summer is finally here again!


What that means is that it is time for Band Camp!



Some things to remember to bring:

Valve Oil-lots of this (I've seen band mates show up with their only container having leaked in their bag. That means they had to clean out their bag and 'borrow' some from a buddy)


Reeds-more than you think you'll need (just remember some of you will be walking and playing your instruments for the first time. This is another thing you can 'borrow' but I hate seeming like a mooch)


pencil(s)-depending on your program you might need them the entire time, or just sometimes, but it makes a big difference if you can mark your music


sunscreen-if you forget this, your whole week is just about ruined


instrument cleaning supplies NEW- It's like using the same toothbrush for months on end. If you're using that same cleaning kit you got with your instrument in the fall, you can just resign yourself to a smelly, unsanitary horn. Using a new kit means you can take care of your instrument and still be proud of it at the end of the week.


Personal cleaning supplies-even if it's just enough to use in the bathroom in the afternoon to get 'fresh' it's waaaaaay better to be the one that everyone notices doesn't smell like dirty old sock at the end of the day.

Instrument Stand- because sometimes you don't need to hold it, and you don't need to put it away. This saves you time, effort, AND keeps your horn SAFE.


Extra Socks- Changing your socks will make you feel refreshed and is something you can do quickly to give yourself a boost.


Chop Saver- keeps your lips in tip top shape



In conclusion, make sure that you all take time to take care of yourself and your instrument. This will make you someone the others in band camp will actually want to be around. Taking care of your instrument can only help you be the person the director wants for the awesome solo.