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Summer is almost here!


Summer is almost here!

by John

So it’s the end of the school year and we all know what’s on everyone’s mind:



You’re a musician! Remember that you have to practice! Here are some tips for your student musician that can help them continue to progress over the summer.

  1. Have your instrument out in the open. A student is more likely to practice if the instrument is out and visible.

  2. Find opportunities to practice. So now that your instrument is out, pick it up and play a few notes during commercials or in between rounds on your video game of choice.

  3. Have a set routine that you do. Think about scales, rudiments, arpeggios, or lip slurs that work help expand your abilities. If you have a song or riff that you can use to accomplish this, do it! Remember that scales don't always have to be played in the same pattern.

  4. Record yourself. During the school year, your director can give you direction as to what you need to do to correct your problem areas. Unless you are taking private lessons over the summer, it may be harder for you to find that problem on first play through.

  5. Listen to musicians that play your instrument professionally. It does make a difference when you can listen to someone that knows how the instrument that you are playing and can recognize what your instrument is capable of.

  6. It doesn’t require a lot of time. Just because I’ve made this list doesn’t mean that you have to plan your whole day around practice. Take 30 mins and spread it out. 3 commercial breaks in a 30 min time frame can yield 10 to 15 mins of practice.

We hope you have a relaxing and safe summer!