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by Shaun

Looks like another summer is coming to a close and the excitement in the air is almost so thick you can cut it with a knife!


I'm really excited to see the new students here to rent, take lessons, or fix their horns. I'm even more excited to see new students going to middle school for the first time. Fayette County has their first year of first year students in the Middle School. If you go to Bennet's Mill, J C Booth, Rising Star, Flat Rock MS, or Fayette County MS, make sure to give your teacher some words of encouragement. They're doing something new too.


Coweta County has their new students coming in for 6th grade as well, some might think that it's become old hat for the directors, but remember that every year is a new band, a new group, new songs. Ms Wayne at Arnall is, I'm sure, just as excited for this year's students to learn and experience music as she was last year's and the year before.


If you are looking for somthing nicer than what's normally available, I'll let you in on a secret: we've been selected to have a Horns of Plenty this fall. What does this mean? Well, the Atlanta area will be hosting one of the largest selections of Band instruments in the nation for one day only. This means if you are looking to try twenty different proffessional trumpets and take one home that same day with awesome deals you will want to come to this. Call the store for more info. It's November 1st and in Alpharetta.


On another note, welcome back to our returning students in 7th grade through college. Our lesson program is already hustling and if you want to get ready for allstate, district honor band or chorous, or just want to learn more about you instrument, you'll need to call and reserve a spot.

(770) 632-0330