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Why I took lessons


Why I took lessons

by Shaun

Hey I thought that since we are making such a big deal about lessons, I should tell you why I took music lessons.


I was actually pretty good in middle school. I made 1st chair trombone in eighth grade and actually beat several others out for the spot. When I got to High School it got much tougher. Ms. Baker expected more of us and worst of all, I was 2nd chair! I got a list of recommended teachers from my director and took lessons from there on out.


Music, like all things worth learning, is something you never fully know everything about. I still take lessons when I can and, though I might not play trombone for a living, I learned a lot about perseverance, how my brain works, and self-motivation. I can truly say that it helped me become the man I am today.


Shaun Brooks