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The instrument you bought at Christmas time!


The instrument you bought at Christmas time!

Wait, let me guess...you bought the guitar/keyboard/drum set/ ukulele...banjo...whatever it was, for Christmas.

The wrapping paper was instantly shredded, the box flung aside, and the enthusiastic 'music making' began!!!

But that was a couple of months ago. The interest has begun to fade, the instrument has gone silent, and the dust has begun to collect.

It's time to stop that dust from collecting, and get them in for LESSONS!

Nothing will kill interest in an instrument faster than not knowing what the heck to do with it.

And NOTHING will get that interest back faster and stronger than private lessons with our teachers here at Music & Arts!

Give us a call or, better yet, come on by to our store in Pittsford Plaza on Monroe Ave.! We'd love to talk to you in-depth about how our lesson program can work for you!