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    • Christopher
    • Retail Manager - N - Pittsford
    • I never really consciously decided to become a musician, it's just what came naturally! Dad was a sax player/singer in some working bands around central NY in the 60s/70s/80s, so I grew up around it. There was almost always music in the house; the radio...
    • Connor
    • Senior Sales Associate - Pittsford
    • I've always had an interest in playing and listening to music. Some of the music artists that my parents exposed me to growing up were The Beatles, Billy Joel, and The White Stripes. I started playing music when I was given my first guitar from my sister,...
    • Kristy
    • Senior Sales Associate - Pittsford
    • I grew up in Montour Falls, NY and attended Odessa-Montour Central School. In 6th grade my school had a student teacher who was a bassoonist but no one for her to teach bassoon to, so I was asked if I wanted to play. I immediately took to the instrument...
    • Timothy
    • Senior Sales Associate - Pittsford
    • Tim Wicks is a fluent and vibrant tenor saxophonist who is renowened for his improvisory elegance, extravagant warmth, big sound, and soulful blues-invested grooves with melodic intrigue. Hearing the soulful and funky music during 70’s & 80’s...