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Joey Cauthen: The tallest guitar teacher on the block!


Joey Cauthen: The tallest guitar teacher on the block!

by Justin

Joey Couthen (Guitar and Bass Instructor)

You ever wonder if you could learn to play bass or guitar.  I have a secret for you……Ready? Here it is, playing the guitar or bass is really something that anyone can learn how to do.  All it really takes is a degree of self-motivation and the right instructor.  Joey Couthen is new to our team and is one of our finest teachers that can definitely get you there.  At the age of 12 years old he began his musical journey on a drum set inherited from his step-brother.  Joey soon fell in love with guitar and bass while in middle school.  Over the years that followed he has had years of training on both of these instruments.  Joey uses music as an escape and relaxation for daily life.  He currently is in two bands called Steve Rushing Wind & Native Groove and the Rockaways. He earned his degree in Generalized Music Theory with an emphasis in guitar performance.  Joey started teaching because he remembers his old teachers and the joy they were able to help him experience.  He personally makes it his initiative to instill this in every lesson he teaches.  So don’t sit around and wait!  Sign up for lessons with Joey now.  Help yourself create a life-long hobby that can be joy for you and others.  Our friendly associates will make signing up easy and fast.  We look forward to hearing from you.