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new strings


new strings

by Steven

This morning I was playing my classical guitar (I need some classical lessons), and I broke a string. No problem, right? Wrong! As I get to my little tool box I realized, I had some strings but no string winder. That got me thinking (a dangerous pastime,I know). Does the average guitar player have everything he/she needs to properly and easily care for their instrument? I'd be willing to bet the answer is usually no. Lets get into the basic tools you'll need to make changing strings easier and faster.


  1. a new complete set of strings. If you've ever changed only one string on your guitar you know, that new string sounds great while the rest of the set, in comparison, sounds awful. My advice: change the whole set each time.
  2. a string winder. Man, these things make life easier! Nobody wants to sit there for an hour and turn a tuning machine by hand for 10 min, six times.
  3. a pair of wire cutters. This should be pretty basic but, so many players don't have them. Are you cutting metal strings with scissors?! That's crazy! I recommend the planet waves pro winder. Its a great tool that has cutters and a winder/peg puller all in one.

These three little things will make your re-stringing experience much more enjoyable. If you still don't like changing strings, try using coated strings like Elixirs, D'Addario EXPs or something similar to extend the life of your strings and the time between re-strings. If that's not enough, bring your baby down to our shop and we'll do it for you. We love to change guitar stringsp>

that's my little rant on strings. Thanks for reading. Rock n' Roll!