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Why do I need lessons if I am in school band?


Why do I need lessons if I am in school band?

by Rachel

As someone who started band in 5th grade and went all the way through highschool, I can speak from experience that private lessons for band students are essential. I took lessons the entire time I was in grade school and even throughout the summers. School band is a great opportunity for musicians to be in a group and perform but depending on the size of the class it is not always possible for the director to give individuals pointers on how to improve. In private lessons, the instructors can highlight and meet the needs of the musician. As well, taking private lessons is a way for musicians to boost their "resume". Any time I went into an audition for an honor band I was asked if I was taking lessons and with whom. Overall if your student is really serious about music and wants to excell in school band then private lessons are the way to go. If you are interested in getting your student signed up give us a call at the store!